UFC 253 2020 : Watch Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa Fight Video

By | September 27, 2020

UFC 253 2020 : Watch Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa Fight Video.

It was supposed to be the toughest challenge of his career, but Israel Adesanya made it look easy as he dominated Paulo Costa to retain his middleweight title in the UFC 253 main event.

Hekoa Ikaika Au wrote
Adesanyas striking is far superior then anyone in the division. The only one to ever knockout Izzy was Alex Perreira and that was years ago. No in this division hits as hard as Alex P. He will be champ for a long time…

Haresh Gobin wrote 
Bad strategy by costa
Give izzy the range he will dismantle anyone
Should of went for take downs and get him on his back… See More

Trea Coffill wrote 
I think Costa’s ego got the best of him. It was like he wanted to beat Izzy at his own game and pick him apart from the outside. Fighting like a pissed off bull is what got him to the title. He should have stuck with what worked for him because that performance was embarrassing after all that shit talk. He looked like a lost little kid.

Vincent Espinoza wrote 
Crazy that Kevin gasletlum is like 5’9 and yet the only guy really who has given Izzy a run for his money.

Francis Chua wrote 
Ahahaha i believe in #StyleBender skills.. he is a technical fighter and he also know when to hit hard!

Mike Mclean wrote 
Costa is nothing but a lump of meat. 0 technique or skill at all and had no right being in there with Izzy. Took on a real fighter and got exposed.
Now watch him fall out of relevance in an instance and let the losing streak begin.

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Tanner Tilbury wrote 
Personally I’m really glad Izzy silenced the haters! I get so sick of ppl who clearly know nothing about MMA…. saying shit like costa being a KO artist???? Like who did he knock out….? Who did he hit so hard that they went to sleep? The answer is nobody………. he fought 2 top 15 guys before Izzy and ppl drooled over it lol………… even tho neither were actually knockouts…… like get educated on the sport bro…….. costa is slow, and he was afraid the entire fight he landed what? 2 body kicks and a jab or two the whole fight ??? Lol give me a break……. #andstill! #screwthehaters!!!!!!!!

Alexander Henriquez wrote 
That was a impressive win by Adesanya but a bad strategy by Costa…the only guy in the UFC that gave izzy a run for the money was kelvin Gastelum..no one else

Jay Kabongo wrote 
Izzy made it look so easy. Damn!! Those leg kicks end up adding up on Costa as he tried to put a pocker face. If striking had belts, this would have been a display of a black belt in stricking against Costa white belt. Lol!!

Jah Jireh Elim wrote 
The leg kicks are sick… The lead left leg of Costa was roasted… He should have taken the risks of going at Adesanya early on and be aggressive. The played the striking game with Adesanya… Out striked and boom… KOed

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