Vega Sills Death : St. Louis Native Rapper Reportedly Dead.

By | September 10, 2021


Vega Sills Death : St. Louis Native Rapper Reportedly Dead.

Young U.S Rapper , Vega Sills widely known for his 2015 album Do U Believe has died . He  frequently been featured on the VickMontFilms YouTube channel in custom music videos for a wide variety of his singles . His death was confirmed by several sources on social media  on August 30. 2021.

Reacting to the news of Vega passing, Tiara Baker wrote on Facebook.  ·

Bobby, you really hurt us with this one. Our friendship started at CCSN and continued on to Ritter. I’m laughing now because you used to drive me up a wall on purpose. Our attitudes were similar so you knew exactly what to do. I can remember you getting on my nerves, cracking jokes, being athletic sp easily, me picking you up for Church, and trying my best to keep you out of trouble from going off on teachers. I remember it all, and I always will. After Ritter PLAYED YOU, you still made your life special and I’ll FOREVER respect you for that. The world know you as Vega Sills II but we’ll forever know you as Bob. I love you man, I really do. Until we meet again.

The  St. Louis, Missouri native rapper to have died at the age of 26, the cause of his death is unknown for now. As as the time of this publication there are no official information on what led to his death.

Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

You would tell someone in a quickness that’s my sister bruh what you on or just ask am I ok. Last month you told me you would need my 360 in your bar you were opening. Prior to that we were in Atlanta and you told me I couldn’t bring nobody to the club but me and Bribecause you ain’t feel like being bothered with randoms. I didnt come and I’m regretting it now. You would pop off at any given moment for those you loved. You were so sweet but yet so hard. As kids we fought consistently you would always talk about me.
As we got older our bond was filled with so much love. People always call you Vega and it annoys tf outta me I would be like girl who Bobby?!
I’m proud of you which I’ve told you multiple of times! Always told you I love you. My feelings so hurt Bobby! I Love you forever


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Rest in Peace Bobby
Damn another Stl King gone to soon…watched you Elevate from the Block,Boxing Gym,Cardinal Ritter to sitting in my office helping you set up your Record Label
You treated my daughter Jazmin Ross like a Real Lil Sister….so sorry for your loss Nupe Jerome Dickerson
Much Respect Vega Sills II
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