Kenosha Shooting : Video Show Anthony Huber Shot and Killed by Kyle Rittenhouse.

By | August 26, 2020

Kenosha Shooting : Video Show Anthony Huber Shot and Killed by Kyle Rittenhouse.

Anthony Huber shot and killed last night by Kyle Rittenhouse, Anthony’s family hadn’t even known he was killed, they found out from a photo of his lifeless body on Facebook., according to a statement posted online on Aug. 26, 2020.



A Gofundme account was created to raise fund for his family. Derek Jones, who is organizing the fundraiser wrote .

Anthony Huber was a great friend of mines & he didn’t deserve to be gunned down in the street trying to protect people he loved its sad that people are trying to justify the shooters actions now My Friend is Dead because of it he leaving behind a Girlfriend & Daughter Please Help Us Help His Family Out With Funereal Expenses And Etc. Thanks For Your Help God Bless You And Thank You #justiceforjacob #justiceforanthony


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Dave’s Demon Semen Emporium wrote 

That kid was also a police cadet for young adults. Sort of an explorers program pre law enforcement. This is unbelievable, and disgusting. Running around just shooting with an AR15. He needs maximum sentence for multiple homicide.

@faith_nAmerica wrote 

He was being chased,& a gun pointed at his head.1st instance-the rioter was getting ready to loot & destroy a business.They were warned & didn’t listen. And this has nothing 2 do w/color as there were black ppl protecting businesses 2.Racists always blame race 1st.

Teresa Richardson wrote 

Does it strick you all that the police got there so quick Thinking face looks like they were protecting the shooter. Because a man of color would have been gun down on the spot because he had a gun Thinking face.

Covfefe the Paladin wrote 
He was walking towards them with a rifle, at some points with his hand on the rifle, and not only did they NOT shoot him, they just LET HIM GO. What the actual hell?

@carolinapanthag wrote 

Law enforcement in Kenosha appear to be in cahoots with white supremacists and domestic terrorists so protesters need to unite off the streets and organize voters to change local officials because cops are using these protests as an excuse to brutalize citizens. Stay safe!

Sidney Cade wrote 
“Always leave your shift alive’, is the first rule old time cops were taught. They are not the bravest bunch. The Jacob Black debacle showed us how badly trained, and frightened police really are.

Lisa Rago wrote 
Police departments on average require officers to complete 672 hours of basic training before joining the force. When training to become a barber, a person must go through around 1,300 hours of training on average.

Similar situation happened in Omaha a few months ago. Jake Gardner brought a gun to the protests then him and his dad started picking fights. When someone fought back to defend a bystander, they shot and killed him. His name was James Scurlock. So far, no justice.

Iziaih L. wrote 
So im from Lincoln & had ppl up in Omaha that night & that Jake guy was using a firearm that had an expired registration & was brandishng it and pointing at bystanders, the mayor a& I think the county attorney let him go w/a self defense law… NE doesn’t have a self defense law.

Macy @MacyLH wrote 

There is a right wing protest this past weekend in Portland. They came armed to the teeth, and there were counter-protesters there. PPD did nothing until all the right wing people left. Then they declared it an unlawful assembly and threatened munitions and tear gas.

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One thought on “Kenosha Shooting : Video Show Anthony Huber Shot and Killed by Kyle Rittenhouse.

  1. juliana crison

    Stupid commies. He was a left leaning libertarian who was there to support BLM terrorists and provide protection from the government (his words, not mine). He was attacked twice and defended himself twice. He should be given a marksmenship award and presidential medal of freedom for taking out 2 communist terrorists and defending the private property (see:livelihood) of local innocent Kenoshans.


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