Walter Olkewicz Death – Obituary :Walter Olkewicz has Died.

By John Okoro | April 8, 2021

Walter Olkewicz Death – Obituary  :Walter Olkewicz has Died.

Walter Olkewicz has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on April 7. 2021.

Frazier Drake 47m  · My cousin Walter Olkewicz has passed. He came to California when I was a boy when my family knew him as Wally. He arrived early one morning from Bayonne to stay for a bit with us in Torrance while he was seeking out a career in entertainment as an actor. He was very talented and very funny and started finding success right off. He and a young Robin Williams used to follow each others acts at the Comedy Club. He was on the dating game as so many early talents were. Eventually he got a gig costarring in the comedy series The Last Resort. Our family would go to CBS and watch him from the audience. Spielberg wrote him a larger role in his movie 1941 after seeing how funny he was. He had an amazing scene in the opening of the movie The Client that got a lot of attention. He costarred in Wizards and Warriors, Grace Under Fire, Dolly Parton’s show Dolly and so many other TV roles and appearances as well as movie work. His best known role was as Jacque Renault in the Twin Peaks TV show and movie. I saw him do the best Lenny in Of Mice and Men at Will Gear’s Theatricum Botanicum. He was a regular at family get togethers. He was genuinely a funny guy with a love of things funny. He reminded me to “Reach” in life. I admire his achievements as well as the courage and fortitude it took to do what he did. He was struggling with bad knees and infections from the same for a very long time. He passed this last Tuesday. I’m reminded that we all have to take the time to see each other and keep up on each other’s lives so that there is less regret and more love when we leave. Thanks for being in my life Walt. I’ll see you there J

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Tiffany Shallenberger
I remember meeting Wally at your house when I was a little girl he was such an amazing man with a beautiful soul rest in peace

Carmen Park
I KNOW THAT GUY! I am glad to hear he was such a nice guy and i will never watch him on Seinfeld the same way again. I am sorry to hear of your loss.

Pat Eastman
Great actor and comedian. I’m sorry for your loss John. Prayers of comfort to your family.

Larry Zarcoff
Sorry man. I really enjoyed him in all the iterations of “Twin Peaks,” one of the best shows ever made, IMO.

Suzanne Avalon
The Green Room in Heaven is filling up with wonderful people. Now Wally can make them laugh. So sorry, John. ♥️🥲
· 20m
Crystal Ann Rudy Nunez
My deepest condolences to you Frazier. So sorry for your loss. 🙏
· 20m
Gina Stark
Such a wonderful tribute. My condolences to you and all his loved ones.

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