Was Donald Trump Pronounced Dead ?- Is Trump Death a Hoax?

By | April 3, 2021

Well you know it was a big joke, If Donald Trump was pronouced dead you wouldn’t read it here , no it will be on CNN and frontpage of News York Time.

Well the story is generaing a lots of buzz on social media. Take a look.

IsaacWilted flower wrote
it’s a meme lol people on tik tok were talking about how much power gen z actually has so they decided to make donald trump being pronounced dead the next thing trending and it worked lmao

han Rose wrote
i just saw a tiktok that says donald trump was pronounced dead and it was written in an article, but the ny times won’t publish and no news outlets are reporting either….. heLLO?

ElenaCandy wrote
YALL DONALD TRUMP WAS PRONOUNCED DEAD LAST NIGHT !! this occurred at 2 am est from a drug overdosw, i saw a news article and when i tried going back to it all info on this event has been deleted. this is absolutely crazy. i knew the simpsons wouldn’t fail usRelieved face

CulleyHarvie wrote
Donald Trump was pronounced dead today at 11am following what some are describing as a violent heart attack.

Donald Trump is not dead, as a few seconds’ worth of perusing any U.S. news source quickly reveals. No one else is reporting his death.

Was Donald Trump Pronounced Dead ?- Is Trump Death a Hoax?

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