Was Linda Stoltzfoos Found Dead : Justo Smoker of Paradise PA Arrested:

By | July 12, 2020

Was Linda Stoltzfoos Found Dead  : Justo Smoker of Paradise PA Arrested:  

A man has been arrested in the kidnapping of Linda Stoltzfoos, an Amish woman who disappeared on June 21 after attending a church service in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She still hasn’t been found.
On Friday, East Lampeter Township police charged 34-year-old Justo Smoker with felony kidnapping and misdemeanor false imprisonment.
Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, who was last seen walking home from church in the Bird-in-Hand area is still missing. NBC News reported.


Justo Roberto Smoker, of the 3200 block of Lincoln Highway, was released from prison last year, according to the state’s online inmate locator.

Smoker was sentenced to serve 12 1/2 to 30 years in prison after a string of armed robberies in 2006.

He was a former high school wrestling all-star who had a 3.0 grade point average and earned a place on the Lancaster-Lebanon wrestling all-star team in 2003, according to LNP .

Comments and Reactions 

Peggy Dagney wrote What were they thinking he should of gottenDeath pentaly now you let hi. Free to spreadPosslble
Carol Sullivan Smiley wrote Unfortunately, I believe this young lady has passed.
Wanda Smale wrote MANY emergency responders, including a dive team, have been out on a search detail since 6:30 this morning. They are searching the area about 5 miles just northwest of me near/in the Welsh Mts. It’s a heavily wooded area. I’m hoping she has been hidden and kept alive up there.
Sarah Robinson wrote If they found her clothes buried in the woods, I seriously doubt that she’s still alive.
Danielle Marie wrote I drive through there often to visit my parents. This past week I saw many signs with her name. You can tell the people of Bird in Hand miss her, love her, and want to find her. So sad and terrifying.
Carol Sullivan Smiley wrote I pray to almighty God…to bring however, back to her family and May God grace them with his glory.  

Erin Zig Gomulka wrote Well good job police, sounds like they have a lot of evidence as to who did it. Hope her parents can have some closure by having this monster admit where her body is. How extremely tragic, my heart goes out to her family.
Chieu Nguyen wrote The man sure got a long police rap sheet. He was relieved from prison too soon !
Linda Brooks Morton wrote The kidnapper had been in prison and was released because of covid. So they were concerned about his life and he goes out and does this. He needs the death penalty!!!
Shirley Goldberg wrote Heartbreaking so very sad prayers for a safe and speedy return Terry Bugden wrote Put him in a room & pour honey all over him & give him two choices: 1) Tell us where she is or 2) We let the 500 lb grizzly bear in the room with you. Hmmmm wonder which he would choose? When it comes to finding missing children-there should be no rules as to how to get the information out of these monsters.
Linda Lettau wrote Perhaps she has decited to live the English life. Alot of them leave after their year is up living English. And some go back home after they had their life experence. I pray she is safe and happy and not being missing or killed.

  Was Linda Stoltzfoos Found Dead  : Justo Smoker of Paradise PA Arrested:  

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