Was Rygin King shot dead, See What Happened to Rygin King

By | April 3, 2021

Was Rygin King shot dead, See What Happened to Rygin King

Rygin King is now stable in hospital after a successful emergency surgery.

International producer Russian shared the amazing news on Twitter Sunday evening. “Got news RYGIN KING is stable!!! God is good!,” he wrote.

The Montego Bay-based deejay whose given name is Matthew Smith, was among a group of persons who were shot after they left a funeral in Westmoreland., according to a statement posted online on June. 28, 2020 by the Tropix


ShadaeeZany face wrote 
When rygin king said “ Badmind coming out, them a pree me hard “ he knew what he was talking about

vice ciddy wrote 
The video of Rygin King being rolled through the hospital isn’t necessary.

c u z m a n Flag of Jamaica wrote 
Breda a young youth cah rise inna jamaica and no get fuck wull on rygin king. And we ask why alkaline stay so man wiser dan unu badmind pussyhole.

ole zesser wrote 
Update on the Rygin King story: He was not coming from a funeral, his car crashed and his tire got damaged so he stopped and changed the tire, after driving off he realized the car did not have any breaks so he stopped, then a group of men drove up beside them and started firing

Nationwide90FM wrote 
#UPDATE According to the police, Rygin King and two others (a male and a female) were shot and injured. The female, 28, was pronounced dead at hospital. The others are being treated at hospital. Their condition is unknown.
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Gyalsina wrote 
This is Jamaica

Where if you become successful people will try to kill you because they strongly believe you owe them something.

IG : _s.seldom wrote 
If you’re referring to the Rygin king incident , it has nothing to do with being successful my love. Do remember these people are into badness and use music as a cover up. The situation is tragic & I wouldn’t wish death on a soul but ….

Was Rygin King shot dead, See What Happened to Rygin King

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