Weed Legalization 2019 : Luxembourg set to legalize sale and consumption of cannabis.

By admin | April 25, 2019

Luxembourg: (MARKET NEWS)

Luxembourg wants to allow personal use of marijuana.

Luxembourg wants to be the first country in Europe to legalize the cultivation, sale and consumption of cannabis.

Now the search is on for the best model: the Minister of Health will soon be traveling to Canada to review Canada’s new Marijuana law.

A group set up by the Ministry of health is currently in the process of analyzing questions and making initial preparations on how to go about legalizing weed in Luxembourg, according to a statement released  by the Ministry.

The process  includes “a very close contact” with colleagues in the Netherlands and Canada, the ministry said. At the end of May, Minister of Health Etienne Schneider will fly to Canada to “get an idea of ​​the situation”.

In the near future, every adult in Luxembourg will be allowed to grow, buy, own and consume cannabis for personal use.

The Goverment of Luxembourg is hoping to stop the illegal sales of Cannabis , the illegal trade of Cannabis is believed to be fueling crime in the country .

Making weed legal will reduce crime, and less health risks for consumers – by ensuring a better quality of the substance is distributed to the general public.

The revenues from “the national production and sales of cannabis under state control” will go into  drug  addiction prevention programs in the country. The ministry said.



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