What Will Happen After the Election : Will There be Mass Murder after Election or a Civil War ?

By John Okoro | November 3, 2020

What Will Happen After the Election : Will There be Mass Murder after Election or a Civil War ?.

There are speculations and rumors circulating on social media that white supremacists are planning to kill many people including members of the LGBT Community if Joe Biden is declared the winner of November 3rd U.S Presidential Election.

Militia groups in Michigan, a crucial swing state in the US, say they fear that democracy will ‘not survive as it was built’ after the results of the US election.

For some far-right militant groups, Election Day represents more than just the moment America chooses its next president. It’s become a rallying cry to prepare for a far-flung prophecy of impending civil war.

For example a twitter user with a user name @valeria995_ wrote

if biden wins the election, people are going to go out and mass murder poc and lgbtq+ . please stay home and stay safe for at least a week after the election!!!


This is what people are saying on social media.

kailyn with a twitter username @an_insecure_rat wrote

IMPORTANT: If you are a person of color, if you identify as part of the LGBTQ+, pr if you are a woman, please please try your best to stay inside election day and a few days after. There is a white supremacist group called the Proud Boys who
Want to commit mass murder of POC, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and rape women after election day, no matter the results. This could be fake or just rumors, but your life isn’t worth risking. I don’t mean to scare you, but I don’t want this awful group to kill any innocent.

Others has this to Say 

zubble Blossom wrote 
after election day, and a couple days after. poc and lgbt+ people, please stay inside! there are groups who plan to mass murder people if biden wins. i typically don’t tweet stuff like this, but please stay safe. please stay home.

jordan wrote 
if i dont tweet for awhile sorry (ik im not super active anyways but still) im worried about the election especially after hearing that people are planning to mass murder lgbtq and poc individuals. not only am i worried about myself, but my family

Christmas tree wrote 
Okay so apparently there are people out there planning a mass murder on POC & LGBT+ community if Biden wins. It’s not a theory there are screenshots of group chats, private Facebook groups and videos. Stay inside during the election & a few days after. Please RT to save a life.

parker 25 77 wrote 
i really think you guys should pay less attention to baseless fear mongering about “mass murder” and pay more attention to the VERY likely protests and counter protests that will escalate after the results of the election.

@sydsfilms wrote 
if you are LGBTQ+ and POC stay INSIDE for the next few days after the election. because if biden ends up winning, trump supporters plan on mass murdering. (women also be cautious) this is NOT a joke and should be taken seriously. BE SAFE!!

@NETH3RBR1CK wrote 
// politics, trump, violence

i keep hearing that if biden wins, trump supporters will commit mass murder on bipoc and LGBTQ+ people. if you see this, please stay inside the next few days after the election, and please be safe. ily

cassTeddy bear wrote 
on a really genuine note please please, if you are a poc, lgbtq+ community member, or any minority, stay indoors during and directly after the election. as it seems really likely for riots and mass murder to occur. please stay safe.

Lizbeth Heart exclamation wrote 
for my POC & lgbtq+ please stay home a couple day after the election especially if tr*mp wins there’s been so many mass murder threats, stay safe Red heart.

ToNDA wrote 
Yeah this. Sharing media and accounts of a heavier police presence and boarded up store windows in anticipation for dissent is one thing, claiming that civilians are organizing to mass murder poc and lgbt ppl after the election with no substantiation is another.

ave wrote 
it is unfortunately extremely necessary to exercise extreme caution around the election but god please stop spreading fearmongering rumors and false info with nothing to back them up. youre just scaring people and its counterproductive

spooky olivia wrote 
please for the love of god do not spread false info about what’s going to happen after the election. there will not be a civil war, there will not be mass murder. spreading these unsupported claims is fearmongering, and it’s incredibly stressful to people.

angel wrote 
tw // homophobia, racism, death

if biden wins the election, there are people out there who have planned to mass murder and harm poc and lgbtq+. please stay inside during the election and a few days after it to be safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

levi Japanese ogre wrote 
yes but to claim that after the election a mass murder of lgbtq people will happen is fucking insane jay. use your brain i know you can do it.

@meltrivia wrote 

It has been proven (leaked ss of group chats) that if biden wins the election tmrw, there will be groups of trump supporters who will go out and mass murder poc and the lgbtq+ community
so please!! stay home during and a few days after the election to be safe

Nely Sparkles wrote 
There’s a rumor going around that if Biden wins, Trump supporters are gonna mass murder LGBTQ+ people and other minorities.
Idk if it’s true or not but everybody be safe. Stay home after the election (bc Biden is definitely winnin idc), travel in groups… just be safe out there

reid’s wife wrote 
ive seen people calling poc and lgbtqia stupid for believing that conservatives are planning on mass murder after the election and i just wanna say fuck yall. like even if it is just a joke, why would we want to risk it?? joking about that stuff is serious.

kaliah e wrote 

Okay so I don’t know if this is real and I don’t want to fear monger but please to my American moots, take extra caution during this time and maybe possibly avoid going out after the election or during it too for a bit. I love y’all stay safe and

fredrick wrote 

Fact or not, nobody knows the danger were in it Tr*mp losses. It’s being said that his supporters are planning a mass murder of POC and members of the LGBTQ+ community. PLEASE stay home the day of and a few days after the election —

Transgender wrote 
Hi if you’re lgbtq+, poc, etc. Please do not go outside for long periods of time on election day, and probably a couple days after that. People are planning to commit mass murder on any poc or lgbtq person they see. I’m sorry if I’m bad at explaining things I’m shaking a lot, lol

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