What you need to know about Candida Auris fungal infection.

By admin | April 6, 2019

By John Chess

April 6 , 2019

Have you heard of a decease called Candida Auris ? Its a strange deadly fungal infection that is spreading across the nations of the world, a germ that have evolved defense against regular drugs.

According to an article written by Matt Richtel of the New York times, here are some basic facts about this fungal infection.

1. Meaning of Candida Auris

A fungus infection that can cause deadly infection when it gets into the bloodstream, according to the times article , the disease was first discovered in a patient in Japan in 2009. Since then it have spread across the world, over 587 cases was reported in the United States alone, most of this cases was reported in Illinois, New Jersey and New York, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

2. Why is Candida Auris so Dangerous?

Candida Auris is often resistant to most antifungal medicines that is normally used to treat such infections according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Over 90% of  Candida Auris infections are resistant to at least one of such medicines , while 30 percent are resistant to two or more major drugs. Once the germ is present, it is hard to eradicate from a facility. Some hospitals have had to bring in special cleaning equipment and even rip out floor and ceiling tiles to get rid of it.

3. Who is at risk of Contracting Candida Auris?

People with malfunctioning or weakened immune system can easily contract C. Auris. People who are already sick are also vulnerable of contracting it, including Elderly people . People with weakened immunity are likely to have more trouble fighting off an initial invasion by C. auris and also are likely to be in settings, like hospitals and nursing homes, where the infection is more prevalent.

4. What are people saying about it ?

This what someone posted on Facebook about this Case recorded at Mount Sinai hospital in Brooklyn New York.

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