Who Jumped Lil Reese ? – Lil Reese Death or Dead News is a Hoax.

By | August 27, 2020

Who Jumped Lil Reese ? – Lil Reese – Death or Dead News is a Hoax.

Another conspiracy theory circulating on social media is that American rapper  Lil Reese has died.

What Happened ?

6ix9ine is back to taunting and provoking his fellow rappers, and Lil Reese is his latest target.

On Wednesday evening (Aug. 26), Tekashi announced the Sept. 4 release of his upcoming album, Tattle Tales. The Brooklyn rapper shared the details of the effort in an Instagram video, where he claims he is in Chicago. Shortly after 6ix9ine revealed the details of the LP, he uploaded an old video of Lil Reese getting jumped by a supposed rival rapper in Reese’s hometown of the Chi. XXL MAG reported.


Who is Lil Reese ?

Tavares Lamont Taylor, better known by his stage name Lil Reese, is an American rapper from Chicago. Hailing from Chicago’s drill scene in the early 2010s, he became known for his collaborations with the likes of Chief Keef and Fredo Santana. According to his profile on  Wikipedia

Death Hoax

This will not be the first time an American celebrity was speculated to have died by social media users.

Few months ago there was a fake news that made headlines that Wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson has died, the actor posted a statement on his social media account to debunk the rumor.

Lil Reese is fine and alive .

Comments and Reactions 

Fathi wrote on twitter

Rip 69 the man who jumped lil reese in dat video get shot in the leg and he’s paralyzed now

Sharian_lawman wrote 
And the people that jumped lil reese were killed by him and his goons 3weeks later

DON GLZZY wrote 

If lil Reese can come back from getting jumped and shitting on himself in public you can come back from anything…except snitching

@JayMonaeeee wrote 

Y’all remember when Lil Reese got jumped? And y’all remember how he’s the only one in that video that’s still alive?

LilReese300 wrote 

6ix9ine deadass posted the vid of lil reese getting jumped, he gotta be suicidal or sum
Wil Broken heart.

@sheloveswil wrote 

69 just posted that video of Lil Reese getting jumped and shitting on his self to promote his album Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy R.I.P to that man.

Morgan wrote 

he’s mocking lil Reese cause they’re beefing and there’s a video of lil Reese getting jumped and shitting his pants

shaky warrior wrote 

nah son 69 deadass different son, man went to chicago, posted the video of Lil Reese getting jumped and shitting on himself to promote his album Loudly crying face trolling level on 9999.

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