Will Proctor Death -Dead-Obituaries : Will Proctor of FSU (Florida State University) has Died .

By | December 7, 2020

William (Will) Proctor Death –Dead-Obituaries : Will Proctor of FSU (Florida State University) has Died .

Will Proctor of Tallahassee and a student of the Florida state university has died, according to a statement posted online on December 6.  2020.

We learned of the deceased from the following statement posted on social media.

Nicholas Chambless wrote 
Dear Will Proctor I wish I can talk to you so badly right now… even now when I close my eyes, I can only think of you with that big goofy smile on your face and it brings me happiness. Since the moment I met you I have gotten to grow closer to you, I can only think of such strong positive memories. From the young freshman with wide eyes to blossoming into an absolute leader of men. It was amazing to see your growth as an individual and be along your side making and sharing memories that will forever be invaluable to me.
I already miss you so much and wish that I can just have one more conversation with you to tell you how much I love you, and how much you meant to me in my life. I know that you shared these feelings with me and know you are looking over us and everyone else that had a deep fond love and relationship with you. I am feeling some anger but, that feeling is overwhelmed by positive memories and images from our time together.
The numbness is flushed out by the emotions evoked from your memory and all the life you radiated, emotions that outweigh everything.
I cannot stop to think how truly blessed I was to have you in my life I hope those close to you feel the same blessing I am feeling. I am at a loss for words and can not wait to see you again whenever it may be. I yearn for the day I can speak with you again and hope you are continuing your life the same as your time here with us. You will always be in my memory. I love and miss you brother, until we meet again.
Love, your brother forever,
Nicholas Chambless
Cause of Death.
We have no information at the moment on the cause of death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Carlos Chambless wrote 
Lets all pray for Will n his Family….one of my sons FSU brothers…who passed. I had the honor of knowing him…a true gentlemen with a great smile that always took the time to tell me what a great son n friend he had in my son Nicholas….well Will … u too are a great son n friend to all u met…. what a loss….my deepest condolences to his Family n Friends.
Julie Drinkwater wrote 
What a beautiful tribute Nick. I’m so sorry. The brotherhood and friendship you share can never be taken away. Sending love and keeping you all in my prayers.
Paul Goss wrote
Newsome high school , the football and track , student government has Lost a very dear alumni , and friend to so many , from the Principal , coaches and students that knew him , WE ALL MOURN , We have lost a truly Fine young man and friend , I was one of his Coaches in both sports , we became very close friends , I am Numb . i also knew the rest of his family very well , i cannot imagine their Pain .
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William (Will) Proctor Death -Dead-Obituaries : Will Proctor of FSU (Florida State University) has Died .

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