William Chavis Raynard Miller Death – Obituary News : Student shot dead at Mount Tabor High School .

By | September 10, 2021

William Chavis Raynard Miller Death – Obituary News : Student shot dead at Mount Tabor High School .

We are sad to report that William Chavis Raynard Miller, student of Mount Tabor High School has died after a fatal shooting incident, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 1. 2021.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office  20h  · UPDATE: SUMMARY OF PRESS CONFERENCE The student killed today in the shooting at Mt Tabor High School is William Chavis Raynard Miller, Jr. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family today and in the difficult days to come. Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr.: “It is a sad day but we will get through this together. This family needs your prayers. Our students need your prayers. Our community needs your prayers.” WSPD Chief Catrina Thompson confirmed the death of 1 student in shooting at Mount Tabor High School. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the student’s family, the Mount Tabor High School family, and the Winston Salem/Forsyth County family. Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr.: “Give us a chance to give you the facts. There are many rumors spreading. We are committed to being transparent and will share confirmed information as appropriate.” The search continues for the shooter, who is believed to be a student. WSPD Chief Catrina Thompson: “Thank you to all of our partner law enforcement agencies and first responders for their work today.”

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Kayla Livengood wrote
Did the school not see there was an issue with this student? Nor the prior school? This is a public school issue; we are not paying close enough attention to our students. Adolescence is a difficult transition for those with a support system. Not to mention today’s world of multiple biased opinions on ethnicity, sexuality, etc. How is it that this child felt the need to use a gun? Could no one have stopped him/her before he/she got to this point? Where’s the school counselor and/or teachers that could have noticed something out of the ordinary? It’s such a shame that public schools have such a high student to teacher/faculty ratio that we can not monitor the mental health of each child appropriately.
Prayers for everyone involved.

Deanne Barabe Weir wrote
Praying for everyone, praying for the family that is grieving this loss.

Gail Parrish wrote
Sad as it is, this was best organized briefing I have ever seen. Heartfelt concern from everyone; not just blowing smoke. Thank you all. Praying for William’s family as well as everyone else.

Allie Hughes wrote
Nothing is worth or justified in taking someone else’s life when unneeded. It is beyond words unfair. God please speak to those in trouble and in conflict to show them paths to make improvements in their lives and their friends and families lives in ways that are healthy, safe, and not harmful. These kids need to know violence and drugs is NEVER the answer. Prayers to the family and friends of the boy.

Mary Garvey wrote
Tonight we pray for his family, his friends and all of the first responders and medical personnel that worked on this case. May God bless and keep ALL of you and to his parents, my heart is absolutely breaking for you.

Kathryn M Lovell wrote
God Bless his precious soul and family’s broken hearts ……..please students: don’t take out your anger and disappointment with a gun, talk to someone! You will end your life even if your alive.

Debra Hubler-Lynch Bernier wrote
Time for metal detectors at the doors to the schools. Just like they had to do in Boston, MA to prevent guns, knives/shives and other killing objects to protect the innocents from dying. Just so they could obtain a decent education. “How sad is that”

Lynne Wingate wrote
Why don’t they show a picture of the deceased and the accused. Prayers for all involved.

Mini Way wrote
Praying for the family and the entire school system. The devil can not continue taking our children…..Amen

Blanche Harrelson wrote
Praying for the family of the deceased the students and the entire school system. Also the shooter

Susan Slate Curry wrote
This was so sad and heart breaking Praying for both families and all involved To yall our Law Inforcement officers Thank you for your service

Lisa Smith wrote
I do wish to thank everyone involved yesterday for each part they played!
Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office: I was impressed by what Jim O’Neill had to say. Why wasn’t that included in this summary?


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