Wiz Khalifa Death: U.S Rapper Wiz Khalifa is not Dead, its Hoax

By admin | November 15, 2019

Death – Obituaries : (MARKET NEWS) Another day another celebrity death hoax. It was just yesterday that social media was flooded with the news that actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson has died. Today its Rapper Wiz Khalifa dead hoax news.

A fake news called BBC News created with free blogging platform TUMBLR has posted a fake death notice to its website claiming that popular U.S rapper Wiz Khalifa is dead.

A link to the blog takes you to a pornographic website. This is really bad as emotional supporters and fans of the rapper searches google and social media to find out if the news of Wiz Khalifa passing was true.

Wiz Khalifa Death: U.S Rapper Wiz Khalifa is not Dead, its Hoax

We have combed the internet, search engines, social media platforms to see if there are any authentic sources or news report of Wiz Khalifa death and we couldn’t find one .

The report of rapper  Wiz Khalifa dead is another fake online news hoax. We decided not to post the link claiming Wiz Khalifa is dead because it takes you strait to a pornographic site that can harm your phone or computer.

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