Birmingham Stabbing : Zephaniah McLeod Charged with Murder of Jacob Billington

By | September 9, 2020


Zephaniah McLeod has tonight been charged with the murder of Jacob Billington – one of eight people stabbed in…

Posted by Police Hour on Tuesday, September 8, 2020


June Clayton wrote
This is absolutely Heartbreaking the poor young man lost his life and others left injured. While he’s still got he’s it’s so wrong if he’s not from this country he should serve his time then send him back home either that or never ever let him be freed other than that he needs Hanging for what he’s done he’s not only taken away the young man’s life but he’s also taken the family’s life as well. Thinking of the poor family at this sad Time.

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Demi Munn wrote 
Rip to Jacob and hopefully the others make a full recovery, such a shame with all this evil that’s just happened people are more focused at coming on here to spread more hate and racism than pray for those still in hospital.

Kate Bailey wrote 
Although he has been charged it will never be enough for the family. RIP Jacob and let’s hope the justice system wins x

Steve Barton wrote 
How many more victims will there be before the authorities decide to tackle this escalating problem?. I feel so sad for this poor young man who lost his life and for his family too .

Kaz Howell wrote 
8 ppl attacked, 1 dead. 8 families feeling things they shouldn’t because of 1 man. 8 families who should be given free reign on this waste of air.

Lynn Hopkins wrote
We will now be lumbered with keeping him . He’s killed people in reality deserves exactly the same , but now a drain on tax payers.



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